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Kempo Jujitsu Street Self Defence Classes in London

Classes in Newham, Woolwich, Plumstead, Bermondsey & Pimlico

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Classes ideal for women,men and juniors(age 14+)

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Self Defence in London

Our Kempo Jujitsu Classes

You’ll gain so much from learning a martial art. Beyond the vital self-defence techniques, you’ll also develop personal confidence and self-discipline and improve your level of fitness. Jujitsu, like other martial arts, is as much about developing character as it is about developing skills in self-protection.

Jujitsu classes for women

Our jujitsu classes are also about having fun and making new friends. They include women and men, and juniors aged 14 and over. The mix of participants makes them fun and friendly, with warm banter and great camaraderie.

Building confidence, keeping fit and sharpening reactions are all excellent reasons for learning jujitsu. It’s a historic martial art of defence, that helps to keep you sharp and encourages fitness. We keep our classes relaxed and fun, so you’ll enjoy learning and participating in jujitsu.


Jujitsu classes in London


We’ve run our popular Kempo Jujitsu classes across London for years, and we’ve trained hundreds of men and women from many different backgrounds. While some work in security, many have jobs that don’t require martial arts skills, but they enjoy the confidence and friendship that comes with our classes. You can join us at one of four convenient locations across London: Newham, Woolwich, Southwark and Pimlico. Choose the venue that works best for you, because it’s handy for where you live or where you work.

Your first lesson in Kempo Jujitsu is free – there’s absolutely no charge and no commitment. Book in, turn up, see what we do and have a go. Discover for yourself why our London classes are so popular


Mixed Martial Arts in London

Learn with Hanshi Browne

Hanshi Browne has years of experience leading jujitsu classes. He’s developed the Browne Budo Ryu Kempo Jujitsu Close Quarter Combat system, giving his students an unrivalled set of defensive skills.

The Kempo Jujitsu approach mixes the martial arts of kempo, jujitsu and eskrima. It’s a combination of ground work, kicking, punching, throwing and locking. The techniques enable you to disable an attacker, using controlled force based on a strong ethic of discipline.

You are welcome whatever your skill level

Hanshi Browne enjoys seeing his students develop their skills and is always happy to start people off with the basics. If you’ve never had any experience of martial arts, you are particularly welcome. We’re confident that you’ll find taking part in our mixed martial arts classes both exhilarating and rewarding

Hanshi Browne encourages a strong sense of teamwork in all his classes. You’ll work together with others to learn and master techniques, building your confidence as you go.

Along with being London’s leading martial arts school, Kempo Jujitsu is accredited by the Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain. Our jujitsu classes are open to women, men and anyone 14 years or older.

Your first class is free – contact us today to register or to learn more.

Street Self Defence Class Locations

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