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Hanshi Peter Browne 9th Dan Kempo Jujitsu

Meet Hanshi Browne

Hanshi Browne is the founder and chief instructor Shodai Soke of the Browne Budo Ryu Kempo jujitsu self-defence system. He has taught Kempo jujitsu in 15 countries and has been inducted into the Combat Hall of Fame, the World Karate Union Hall of Fame, the World Head Founders Hall of Fame and the Martial Arts Masters, Pioneers and Legends Hall of Fame.

Today, he runs jujitsu training classes at four venues in London: Newham, Woolwich, Bermondsey and Pimlico

When you learn from Hanshi Peter Browne, you’re tapping into a deep well of knowledge and experience.

Jujitsu training from a master

Hanshi Browne began practicing martial arts in 1972 and has studied a wide range of forms, including judo, aikido renshinkai karate, shotokan karate, Kempo jutsu, American kenpo karate, nihon kempo, goshin jujitsu, juko ryu jujitsu and Doce Pares eskrima kali and arnis, tackenouci ryu jujitsu and the original kajukenbo system.

He holds black belts in Juko ryu jujitsu, Kempo jutsu, American kenpo karate and Doce Pares eskrima, kali and arnis.

Hanshi Browne is also the principal and chief instructor of the Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain and the founder of the Gathering of the Masters International Martial Arts Convention.

When you attend one of Hanshi Browne’s classes in London, you’ll benefit from his years of deep and broad knowledge and experience of mixed martial arts.

Street self-defence training

Hanshi Browne is one of the leading providers of street defence training in London. He loves seeing people grow in confidence because they’ve been coming along to his classes.

Over the years Hanshi Browne has developed a strong armoury of techniques and practices designed specifically for street defence. He understands how important it is that you feel confident when you’re out on the streets, particularly at night. When you’ve been spending time learning self-defence skills, you’re more alert and more self-aware, making you less vulnerable to unwelcome attention.

There is no competitive aspect to the training provided by Hanshi Browne, other than the friendly, informal rivalry between his trainees. Everything he teaches is about developing and honing valuable mixed martial arts skills.

Hanshi Browne knows that these martial arts skills have a huge amount to offer across many other aspects of life. From the outside, Kempo jujitsu can look rough, even violent. But it’s founded on a long tradition of discipline, respect and self-control.

These values are at the heart of what Hanshi Browne teaches. His approach is to cultivate the discipline that’s required to apply just the right amount of force at the right time. Respect for others in maintained, along with the self-control to only react when necessary.

Many hundreds of people have benefitted from Hanshi Browne’s teaching over the years he’s been running jujitsu classes in London. They come from many walks of life – some are in the protection business while many others are looking for confidence that they could, if necessary, look after themselves in a street defence situation.

Meet Hanshi Browne when you attend your free jujitsu class in London. Get in touch today to book a place.